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All You Need To Know About Circle Lens

circle lens disposable Circle lens is a contact lens that can make your iris look bigger, hence giving you an innocent, and doll looking eyes. These lenses come in a range of different colors, patterns and tones. In general, the black and brown lenses are the natural looking ones, and are most ideal for day wear. The colored lenses can give you a sexier look, but they are best to wear with some eye makeup. Otherwise, a pair of aqua blue eyes may look a little odd on an Asian face.

Currently, many celebrities and renowned personalities use these lenses to enhance their looks. Undoubtedly, nearly each Asian celebrity, including the males, is wearing these lenses. For instance, Bao was the first Asian celebrity to be spotted wearing these lenses several years ago. She literally initiated the circle lens trend in Asia. Nowadays, young girls frequently admire Ayumi and Angelababy whose signature looks are the doll-looking eyes.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Asian celebrities, then you’ve certainly seen Lady Gaga’s music video “Bad Romance” in which she seemed to have bigger eyes by wearing a pair of circle lens. Another fan of these lenses is Miss Paris Hilton, who seems to have brown eyes in one day and blue eyes the following day.

Circle lenses are widely available nowadays. You can either buy them on the internet, which don’t need a prescription. The Japanese and Korean manufactures are safer choices to go for. Alternatively, you can find these lenses from your local optometrist shop, which carry the ordinary contact lens brands.

There is no doubt that you’ve accidentally bought a fake item online at least one time in your life. Finding the right seller of these lenses is very important since you’ll end up using their products in your eyes. Wearing a fake pair of this lens will not only cause discomfort in your eyes, but it can also damage your cornea or even stain your iris permanently if the color pigment happens to come lens light brown

 Therefore, besides finding a site that offers the best price, also make sure that they are certified and that they accept payment via PayPal. Also, ensure that they provide detailed description for their products. Check for the brands of these lenses. Even though this might sound silly, there are actually some sites that sell these lenses at very cheap prices without providing the brand name. Get to know where the lens is made at, its water content, the curve and diameter of the lens, as well as the period of wear. The lenses may be disposed of daily, fortnightly, monthly, or even yearly. Also, a genuine seller must be able to respond to your questions in a well-timed manner.

In conclusion, as much as it’s necessary to be cautious when buying these lenses online to avoid buying fake items, making a purchase online has its own share of benefits. One of the several benefits of buying these lenses online is that you can pick from a wide range of brands and shops from the comfort of your home. This can obviously save you so much time and money. Besides, you can easily buy a circle lens even without a prescription.